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The Case for Council Housing

On 22nd July Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick stated in an interview with ITV that Housing association “executive pay was out of control” and they need to return to the “strong and social moral mission”. Jenrick said this as a deflection tactic when discussing the lack of social housing being built (only 6,000 last year with […]

South Bank Community Land Trust

Following concerns of residents about the increasing number of empty homes in the town a group came together and agreed to form a Community Land Trust (CLT). The intention was to obtain, refurbish and rent homes to local people at affordable rates. That was 4 years ago. In conjunction with our partner registered housing provider […]

The Teesside Eviction Crisis

On 1 June 2021 hundreds of thousands of people across the country woke up to the shocking news that they could face homelessness, due to the government’s ending of the eviction ban. Across Teesside, local residents are finding that the last safety net separating themselves from being forced out onto the streets has been removed, […]

The UK Housing Crisis

The UK has a chronic shortage of affordable, decent housing that dates back to the 1980’s and is completely due to the decisions that successive governments have made. Margaret Thatcher lit the fuse to the housing crisis bomb when she decided to sell council houses. These homes were built in the couple of decades following […]

Homelessness Bill of Rights

The Homelessness Bill of Rights is based on the principles of basic human rights that are enshrined in European and International law. It has been drawn up to counter the increasingly common actions taken against homeless people by those local authorities and Police forces, who deal with their homelessness issue by effectively criminalising it. This […]